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Professional window cleaning Wasaga Beach. I’m in the area on a regular basis and happy to provide a free quote for your next window washing job. We provide gutter cleaning and house washing services to the Wasaga Beach area too.

Gutter Cleaning and More in Wasaga Beach

Window washing in the Beach varies from the dust bowl of new construction to insects on the waterfront to just plain sand everywhere! Many newer homes have tempered glass windows of varying quality and removing debris from the glass can be very tricky unless commercial window cleaners are used. Sand can get into your frames and should be cleaned yearly. Spider webs and bugs can create an unsightly mess.  We have the experience to safely clean your windows, eaves troughs and external surfaces of your house.

What’s Included in our Window Cleaning Service:

  • Clean frames and sills.
  • Clean doors and frames.
  • Brush and wipe screens and frames that we need to remove (screen washing is extra).
  • Brush out screen channels of screens we need to remove.
  • Storm window washing, removal and replacement (will review on per job basis).
  • Interior and exterior window washing. Residential or commercial.

Why Use Our Cleaning Services?

  • Having your windows professionally cleaned by a window cleaning service in Wasaga Beach helps protect them for the long term. If you let your windows get dirty or grimy for long periods of time, they become more fragile from oxidation and hard minerals that will leave your windows stained forever. Etching and scratches are also more likely to become permanent when not taken care of.
  • Clean windows let the sun heat up your home. Tiny dirt particles can have a huge effect on your home’s energy bill if left unattended. Natural light can also be a crucial component to any room.
  • We can spot future problems like small leaks, cracks or abrasions that can be fixed easily. But if these problems were left alone, they could possibly cost you more in the long run to service.
  • Washing second story or higher windows from the outside can be a dangerous job. Leave the job to a professional window cleaner because we are properly trained and insured for the work.

How often should you consider cleaning your residential windows?

As a minimum, we recommend our service twice a year. The area that you live in and personal preference can have a vast impact on the frequency of cleanings that you get. Consider if you live on a busy street in Wasaga Beach, have lots of trees around your home or run sprinklers that spray your windows. Living in a new home surrounded by construction can wreak havoc on your windows and screens too. You can also take advantage of our yearly residential  gutter cleaning services while we’re there.

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