Roof, Deck and Walkway Snow Shoveling Services


The winter season is fast approaching…and it’s supposed to be a bad one! Window Ninja provides snow shoveling services for roofs, decks and walkways in the Collingwood and Blue Mountain area. A reliable snow shoveling service will provide peace of mind and safety for you, your guests and anyone that needs access to your property.


Benefits of Our Snow Shoveling Service:

  • Safety. Snow and ice build-up on paths and stairways around your home are dangerous. If you are unable to, or are away from your home a lot, a reliable snow shoveling service is a great insurance policy against slips and falls.
  • Snow and ice build-up on roofs (especially low-sloped ones) can hasten ice damming and damage your roof and shingles. We can fix that…we use shingle-safe ice melters to keep the ice at bay and will remove roof snow by hand where necessary.
  • Keeping the extra weight of snow off of your roof will ensure that your roof will not sag. Many roofs on older chalets in the area were built with 2×4 rafters and wider spacing than modern homes.
  • A build-up of snow on a low sloped roof can allow snow to enter through vents or sky lights.
  • Removing icicles from overhangs and doorways will ensure that people and vehicles remain safe when entering or parking around your buildings.
  • Reduce your liability. Mail carriers and meter readers need safe access to your property to do their jobs. Help keep everyone safe this winter by keeping your property accessible.

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Always Reliable!

This will be the third winter that Mark has been shoveling our deck and paths at our chalet. The place is always cleared for us when we come up. Many thanks.

Nicole M.

Let it Snow!

Window Ninja came by and shoveled of the roof of our chalet. It’s an old place that needs a lot of extra care in the winter. Mark is always here for us to dig us out.

D Carlson