Tempered Glass Waiver | Mark Ypenburg, Window Ninja

We use razors all the time, and most of the time a waiver isn’t necessary. That said, there are a lot of quality issues that we encounter with newer, tempered glass windows. We see this on budget windows as well as some very expensive windows.

When the glass is produced, it is poured onto a surface of molten tin and allowed to level and cool. The cooling takes place on a long conveyor belt. Sometimes the surface of the glass will have a lumpy finish if the glass forms unevenly. Tempered glass is easy to scratch as it is and if a razor hits an uneven surface, it can easily snag and scratch your glass.

It is pretty easy to feel an uneven surface if you take a buffing cloth and glide your hand over the glass. Small paint spots or edging frames are easy to do and we always use soap to keep the blades lubricated. Windows with a lot of debris or are heavily stained that need extensive scraping are our concern.

If we notice any issues and a razor is the only way to get a perfect finish, we’ll bring it to your attention and proceed on your advisement.


Releasing window cleaner from any liability on tempered glass scratching during cleaning.

Window Ninja only uses professional, industry grade window cleaning tools such as soft microfiber scrubbers and rubber squeegees that do not and cannot scratch glass.

Due to widespread problems with poor quality tempered glass scratching during window cleaning with razor blades, Window Ninja will not be liable for any scratches on tempered or heat-strengthened glass.

It is accepted and understood by all parties that properly used razor blades and scrapers are the standard tools for post-construction window cleaning or heavily stained or spotted windows and can safely remove limited amounts of debris from quality glass without scratching the glass surface. If the desired effect is perfectly clean windows, then we will do our best to remove all debris without scratching the glass, but cannot guarantee a scratch free finish.


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