Home Exterior Cleaning in Collingwood & Blue Mountain

Home Exterior CleaningHouse cleaning isn’t just an inside job. If you want your home to look its best, you need to keep up on home exterior cleaning, too. Exposed to the elements all year, it makes sense that siding, driveways and garage floors get dirty, too. Just as a freshly cleaned car seems to drive better, a spic and span, clean house exterior feels great to come home to.

We use environmentally preferred products and only the highest quality equipment. We remove surface oxidization, dirt, mold and other unsightly contaminants from the exterior of your property We increase your curb appeal, property value, and make your place more inviting to family, friends, and potential customers.

Window Ninja also offers pressure washing services for cleaning decks, patios walkways and driveways.

The Benefits of Home Exterior Cleaning

  • That besides making your house look dirty and decreasing its resell value, MOLD causes billions of dollars in damages every year to homes, and has even been known to cause respiratory problem for some home owners.
  • That according to real estate experts, a house’s Curb Appeal is the number 1 thing that gets a potential buyer to go inside and look at a house.
  • That when it comes to exterior house washing, most people think of pressure washing, YET some pressure washers used to clean houses produce over 3500 psi of output pressure and even a small consumer grade pressure washer can cause damage.
  • That according to some cleaning experts, pressure washing alone usually DOES NOT kill mold and mildew and if it is not properly done, can damage your home’s exterior.
  • That pressure washing vinyl siding can actually trap water behind the siding causing mold to develop and spread or even cause the wood to rot.
  • That a pressure washer hitting the seals on a double pane window can crack the seal, causing moisture to get in and fog up the window.
  • That pressure washing is NOT recommended for Stucco, Wood Siding, Log Cabins and especially not for roofs where it can severely damage the shingles possibly leading to leaks and expensive repair costs.

We’ll Fix That

  • If needed, we’ll use a proven alternative cleaning technique consisting of low pressure and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, instead of a pressure washer, that will allow you to have the clean look you want without the risk of damage that a pressure washer can cause.
  • Our low pressure cleaning is available for houses with Brick, Vinyl, Wood, Metal, Log, and even Stucco exteriors. Virtually any house exterior can be cleaned using low pressure cleaning as an excellent alternative to a “high pressure” pressure washer.
  • Our exterior home cleaning process is an excellent alternative for cleaning your home’s windows without having to worry about the major damage that can occur from using a pressure washer.
  • Our no pressure washing method prevents the possibility of wood damage (a condition called “furring”) or paint stripping on wood or log exteriors.
  • We’ll not only clean your home’s exterior but we can also make those nasty roofs look almost new again by getting rid of moss. We clean eavestroughs too!
  • While we’re there, we can clean your windows and complete your home exterior make-over.


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