Eavestrough Cleaning and Gutter Guard Installation

Eaves Trough Cleaning and Gutter Guard InstallationWindow Ninja provides professional eaves trough cleaning services for your home or chalet. We’ll clean the interior and exterior of your gutters. We remove debris by hand and with eaves trough cleaning tools. We’re quick, we’re clean and pay attention to detail . You won’t see any splatter-marks on the side of your home either!

We also recommend and install gutter guards in areas where leaf and needle debris is high and have several options to choose from. While we’re up there, why not let us clean your windows too!

Why Do You Need A Gutter Cleaning Service?

  • When your gutters are not taken care of and maintained regularly it can mean long-term problems for your home. When water is not redirected away from your home, it can cause leaks, cracks in your foundation or even disrupt your landscaping.
  • A home with sticks, debris or plant growth in the gutter system is vulnerable to rodents, pests or other animals making nests. Nests can cause damage to your homes roof or walls and allow rodents access to your home.
  • The downspout of your gutter system can become clogged and render your gutters useless.
  • Eaves trough cleaning is a dangerous chore and requires the use of ladders and other safety gear. Leave this job to professionals who have the proper training and gear to do the job safely.
  • Does your home have a shingle roof? Dust from shingles falls down from your roof and over time collects in your gutters. This prevents water from properly draining.
  • Years of debris building up will add A LOT of weight to your eaves troughing and will accelerate sagging, further affecting drainage.
  • We can also install gutter-guards over your eaves trough in areas where leaf and needle build-up are excessive.

We Do It All

Window Ninja also provides home exterior cleaning and pressure washing services for a complete home exterior make-over!

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Very Professional

Mark did an excellent job cleaning my eaves troughs and installing gutter guard. I have a huge white pine that fills my troughs every year and Mark keeps coming back to clean up. Thanks Mark.

Pam Dryden

Great Job Mark!

Window Ninja came by and cleaned out our eaves trough. We had a sag in one of our troughs and Mark straightened it out for us.

A Wilson